Ms Min Yang

Director and Chairman

Appointed as director on 9 September 2005 and Chairman on 16 February 2006.

Experience: Ms Yang has extensive business connections in the Asia Pacific region including greater China, and has over 20 years of hands-on experience dealing with both private and state-run businesses in China. Over the years, Min Yang has proven her unique business insight and expertise in the identification, incubation and realisation of embryonic opportunities in the resources, commodities, trading and residential estate and financial investment sectors.

Other current directorships: Ms Min Yang is a non-executive Chairman of ActivEX Limited (ASX: AIV) and Rey Resources Limited (ASX: REY). Non-executive director of Key Petroleum Limited (ASX: KEY) and Metaliko Resources Ltd (ASX: MKO).

Mr Quan (David) Fang


Appointed as director on 9 September 2005.

Experience: Mr Fang was born in Shanghai. He is multilingual, speaking Mandarin, Shanghai dialect, Cantonese and English. Mr. Fang has extensive experience in the property sector covering property sales/marketing development, acquisition, and syndication

Mr Geoff Baker

Non-Executive Director

Appointed as Non-Executive director on 30 November 2006.

Qualifications: Mr Baker is a qualified lawyer in Australia and Hong Kong with a Commerce degree (Accounting and Financial Management), a Law degree and MBA.

Experience: Mr Baker assists in the international operations of the Group. He joined the Group after practising extensively for 30 years as a lawyer in Australia, Japan, Asia and China.

Other current directorship: Mr Geoff Baker is a non-executive director of Rey Resources Limited (ASX: REY), ActivEX Limited (ASX: AIV), Metaliko Resources Ltd (ASX: MKO) and Key Petroleum Limited (ASX: KEY).

Mr Louis Chien


Appointed as Director on 1 May 2015

Qualifications: Mr Chien holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University and two bachelor degrees in Architecture.

Experience: Mr. Chien was born in Shanghai, China, grew up, educated and worked in the United States, and now based in Sydney, Australia. With over 20 years of experience working in Fortune 100 companies mostly based in the United States and recently Singapore, Mr. Chien has managed across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. He is principally responsible for the management of investment development, financial, and operational activities. Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Chien held various leadership positions within Procter & Gamble Company (P&G). He started his career as an architect in the United States.

Dean LaVigne

Development Director

Qualifications: Mr LaVigne holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Toronto, and has undertaken further study in business at London Business School and law at University of Technology Sydney.
Experience:  Mr.LaVigne has over 20 years of real estate development experience.  He has led a number of major mixed use and tourism projects across the globe including in Australia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, USA, and Canada.

John Shepherd

Qualifications: Mr Shepherd holds an Accounting and Applied Finance degree from University of Technology Sydney and a Bachelor of Arts Major Economics from the University of Sydney.

Experience: Mr Shepherd has over 25 years of experience in the finance and real estate development sectors, and has been involved in the creation and delivery of over $5 billion of major projects. Mr Shepherd is currently on the Board of both Brisbane Marketing and the Brisbane Racing Club, and a previous Board Member of the Urban Development Institute of Australia and the Brisbane Cruise Wharf Terminal.